Meadows 2D Bar Codes and Extended ASCII characters

The Meadows 2D Bar Code Module can encode data that contains the full ASCII character set, including Extended ASCII characters.

Of course, when scanning a Meadows 2D Bar Code that contains one or more Extended ASCII characters, first confirm the scanner you are using is able to scan a Bar Code that contains an Extended ASCII character. Some 2D Bar Code scanners are not able to do this. To determine if your 2D Bar Code Scanner supports the full ASCII character set, see your scanner's documentation.

Note: Since Extended ASCII characters are represented differently depending upon the operating system that is presenting them, remember to consider which operating system will be scanning these codes. Additionally, for 2D Bar Codes that are being merged/updated by Meadows DesignMerge Pro or AutoPrice software, remember you can apply an appropriate Meadows Import TransTable if necessary.



For more information about the Meadows 2D Bar Code Module, including a movie demonstrating how to use the Meadows 2D Barcode Module, on the following Meadows website page: 




DesignMerge® Pro is a powerful suite of variable-data printing and data publishing software for Adobe InDesign or QuarkXPress that provides the ability to automatically produce any type of variable data output. The software is used by thousands of customers worldwide.


Anything can be variable, including variable text and pictures, articles, and even complete layouts, and built-in suport is provided for variable USPS Intelligent Mail Bar Codes.


Other major features of DesignMerge include automatic copy-fitting, advanced conditional programming (Rules), and multi-up imposition support. DesignMerge supports all of the major variable data output formats, including PostScript, PPML, PDF/VT, and Creo VPS and is compatible with printers from every major vendor.


In addition, DesignMerge can also be extended to produce variable 2D Bar Codes (QR Codes, PDF417, and Data Matrix) and other types of Linear Bar Codes (Code 128, UPC, Code 39, etc.). DesignMerge is great for creating personalized publications such as invitations, business cards, certificates, custom catalogs, etc.


For more information about DesignMerge, go to





AutoPrice, available as plug-ins for Adobe InDesign or XTensions for QuarkXPress, helps to streamline the production and versioning of catalogs, price lists, retail flyers and financial documents.

AutoPrice provides sophisticated linking of InDesign or QuarkXPress documents to any external database of information (either flat-file, or ODBC). AutoPrice is great for performing price, picture, or text updates for any type of information that can be referenced by a “key value” such as product number (SKU).

  • Saves time by automatically updating information from any flat-file or ODBC-compliant database. No more manual price changes.
  • Allows last-minute revisions so published information is always current & consistent.
  • Reduces errors and speeds proofing.
  • Includes helpful reporting features for the AutoPrice tagged content in your documents.
  • Allows you to instantly swap out product pictures, logos or any type of graphic image.
  • Automate versioning: spin off multiple catalog versions from a single original.
  • Extend AutoPrice with the optional AutoPrice Exporter Pro software to extract data from a QuarkXPress or InDesign document to a database file, which can then be used to populate Web, e-commerce or digital content databases .
  • Extend AutoPrice with the optional AutoPrice PDF Exporter software to produce PDFs that contain hyperlinks based on the AutoPrice Links in your documents.
  • Extend AutoPrice with the optional Meadows 2D Bar Code software to place updatable 2D Bar Codes (QR Codes, PDF417, and Data Matrix) in your documents.

For more information about AutoPrice, go to