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InDesign quits/hangs/warns when open "Database Definitions" dialog, select a DDF, or recreate a missing DDF



Normally, if you encounter a problem opening the "Database Definitions" dialog or selecting a different Current DDF (Database Definition) on this dialog, or if you see a warning that information in a DDF is not supported, this means that your internal configuration file which stores all of your DDF information has been corrupted. It is rare when this happens, however this file can become corrupt, for example, when InDesign quits unexpectedly or when you force-quit InDesign

To resolve this, you will need to quit inDesign and remove this file from your AutoPrice/DesignMerge configuration. If you can send the file to us, we can examine it to see what became corrupt inside it and then provide you further guidance based on that information. 

To remove the corrupt file, follow these steps:

1) Start InDesign, open the "AutoPrice/DesignMerge" menu and select "Help > Open Settings Folder."

2) Once the Settings Folder named "Meadows" has opened, quit InDesign, but keep the "Meadows" folder open.

3) Inside the "Meadows" folder, you will see an "AutoPrice/DesignMerge" folder. Open this "AutoPrice/DesignMerge" folder. 

4) Inside the "AutoPrice/DesignMerge" folder, you will see a file named "Record Definitions". Move it to your Desktop.

5) Start InDesign. AutoPrice/DesignMerge will automatically create a new "Record Definitions" file. 

6) To confirm this resolved the problem, open your "Database Definitions" dialog. InDesign should not quit. On the "Database Definitions" dialog, open the "Current DDF" menu. You should see only one DDF entry, the "Document" DDF. Close the menu and on the "Database Definitions" dialog, click the "New" button. Name the new DDF something unusual, for example, "Test", and then click "OK" to create this new DDF. Again, InDesign should not quit unexpectedly during these events. If InDesign does not quit, the problem has been resolved. 

7) Before you open any production documents and choose when prompted to have AutoPrice/DesignMerge create the document's Missing DDF, send us the "Record Definitions" file that you placed on your Desktop. Recreating a DDF from a document could reintroduce this problem if the DDF information that was last saved in that document was the corrupted version of the information. 

8) To send us your problem Record Definitions file, archive/compress (ZIP) the file and then attach the ZIP file to a reply on this ticket. You will also need to enter information in the "Message" box of your reply. 

We will watch for your reply and examine your Record Definitions file immediately to let you know how best to proceed in order to avoid recreating this situation. 

NOTE: You may find it helpful to use the AutoPrice/DesignMerge "Export DDF Set" feature from time to time to create a backup copy of your DDFs so that should you ever encounter a problem with your current set of DDFs, you can import the DDFs that you exported previously. For more information, see AutoPrice/DesignMerge Documentation. 

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