Error reading database file

If your DesignMerge installation displays an error that indicates DesignMerge is having difficulty reading the database (for example: "DBM: Error reading database file while checking for BOM"), confirm the following settings:

  • Your Current DDF is assigned to the correct database file.
  • This database file is still in the same location that it was in when last selected.
  • Your system and user account has access and sufficient permissions to open and read this file. 
  • The database file is in a delimited text file format.
  • The database file uses ASCII encoding or UTF-8 encoding.

One easy way to confirm these settings is to do the following:

  1. Open the "Database Definitions" dialog,
  2. Confirm the correct DDF is selected in the "Current DDF" popup menu on the top left corner of the dialog
  3. Click the "Select Database…" button that is on the bottom-left corner of the dialog. 
    NOTE: You do NOT need to click "Quick Setup" to select the database and doing so may cause you to encounter a "Bad Tag!" warning when merging documents that are already using Links from this DDF.
  4. After you click "Select Database…", DesignMerge will prompt you to navigate to the database file, select it, and click "Open". When doing this, confirm you are selecting the appropriate database file and that it is in a delimited text file format. 
  5. DesignMerge will then read the file and return you to the "Database Definitions" dialog. You should not see any warnings or errors.

If you should encounter any errors or warnings, open a Support Ticket on the Meadows Help Desk (