Error during fixed layer creation for PPML in DesignMerge for QuarkXPress

If you are encountering an error during the fixed layer creation for a PPML merge session when using DesignMerge for QuarkXPress, quit QuarkXPress and confirm the "OPI.xnt" XTensions file and also the "PDF Filter.xnt" XTensions file are inside your QuarkXPress "XTensions" folder.

These two XTensions are standard components of a QuarkXPress installation and must be present for the DesignMerge PPML Driver to produce output.

If you do not see the "OPI.xnt" file and the "PDF Filter.xnt" inside your QuarkXPress "XTensions" folder, look inside your QuarkXPress "XTensions Disabled" folder. If either or both of these are inside the "XTensions Disabled" folder, move them to the "XTensions" folder.

Then start QuarkXPress and you should now be able to use the DesignMerge PPML Driver without encountering this error. 

If the "OPI.xnt" file and the "PDF Filter.xnt" file are inside your QuarkXPress "XTensions" folder and you are still encountering this error, please open a Support Ticket on the Meadows Help Desk (