Why does DesignMerge keep prompting me to select the database file?

By default, DesignMerge will prompt you to select a database file each time DesignMerge wishes to use one.


If you prefer, you can change your Prompt for Database Each Time preference, and then DesignMerge will not prompt you to select the database file if one has already been selected for a DDF. Instead, DesignMerge will automatically use whichever database file you last selected for use with that DDF.


After changing this preference, if you wish your DDF to use a different database file, you can set up the DDF to use the new database file by opening the Database Definitions window. On the Database Definitions window, confirm the Current DDF popup menu is displaying the DDF that you wish to edit, and then click the Select Database button (which is on the bottom left corner of the Database Definitions window) to select a different database file for this DDF.


You can find more detailed information about this in Tutorial #5  (Tips & Tricks) in the DesignMerge Tutorial Manual, available in PDF format in the DesignMerge product folder.