How to choose a font for a Meadows Linear Bar Code

The Meadows Linear Bar Code Module produces bar codes in a format that is only compatible with the Rivers Edge Linear Bar Code Fonts that are provided in the Bar Code Module software package and in the DesignMerge Pro software package. 

Most of these Rivers Edge Linear Bar Code Fonts provide several variations that produce bar codes of different weights and lengths. This allows you to choose the appropriate style of that bar code for any specific job or printing situation. Any other variances in the variations are related to the specifications for the bar codes themselves, such as the variances in a Code 39 bar code. 

When using one of these fonts in a document, Rivers Edge recommends applying an 18 pt. font size. Of course, you can try using other font sizes, but be careful to confirm the bar codes can still be scanned successfully when a different font size than 18 pt has been applied. 

Additionally, for best results, confirm you have turned off the Ligatures formatting option on this text (or text link) in the document. For more information about your page layout application's Ligatures formatting option, please see that application's documentation. 

To determine which variation of a bar code fonts is appropriate for a specific job or printing situation, simply apply the variations you wish to test and then print the sample bar codes to determine which variation best suits your customer's specifications and this job's printing specifications. 

Also, confirm the bar codes that you have set up for a job can be scanned successfully and that these bar codes meet the bar code requirements for that job.