The AutoPrice Links have disappeared from my InDesign document!

If you cannot see the AutoPrice Links in a document, please check the following: 

(1) Either the AutoPrice software or the AutoPrice Tag Display Module must be installed to see AutoPrice Links. The AutoPrice Tag Display Module is a free module available to any who do not have AutoPrice installed but would like to be able to see the AutoPrice Links that are in a document. For more details about the Tag Display Module, see the "How do I install the Meadows Tag Display software?" Knowledgebase article (

(2) Open the InDesign "View" menu and confirm the view is not set to "Overprint Preview" and that "Screen Mode" is set to "Normal". 

(3) To show AutoPrice Text Links: Open the "AutoPrice" menu and select "View" to confirm you have set AutoPrice to "Show Variable Links". To show AutoPrice Picture Links and Box Links: Open the InDesign "View" menu to confirm you have set InDesign to "Show Frame Edges".

(4) Finally, please note that exporting a document to the "InDesign Markup (IDML)" format will automatically remove all of the AutoPrice Links and information that were in the document. This can be avoided by using the AutoPrice Tag Converter Utility on the document before exporting it. For more information about this AutoPrice utility, see the "About the AutoPrice Tag Converter Utility for Adobe InDesign" Knowledgebase article (