Meadows software is warning security key cannot be found

This warning is usually displayed when the security key software has not been installed on a system.

You may use your Meadows software product's installer to install the software for its security key. 

If you would like to download a new copy of the installer for your Meadows software product, go to the following web page and click on the appropriate "Download" link:

Once the installer has downloaded, follow the steps below to install the security key software: 

(1) Before starting the installer, unplug the security key from your system. 

(2) Launch the installer. 

(3) One of the beginning steps in the installation will let you choose the mode in which you wish to run the installer: Choose "Custom".  

(4) Choose to install only the Security Key Software and nothing else. Then continue with the installation, following the prompts. 

(5) When the installer has finished, plug the security key back into your system and restart your system. The exposed end of security key should now show a light. 

(6) Next, start InDesign/QuarkXPress to confirm your Meadows software can now find its security key. 

If you are still encountering a problem, and have installed the software on a Macintosh computer, please see the "Have installed HASP security key software on a Macintosh computer but still see warning that the security key is missing." knowledgebase article.

If your Meadows software is still unable to detect its security key is present, open a Support Ticket by going to