A warning is displayed when I try to run a Meadows software installer on a Mac OS X 10.7 or later system

When you are trying to install Meadows software on a Mac OS X 10.7 or newer system, you may see a warning that the Meadows software installer cannot be opened because your security preferences allow installation of only applications from the Mac App Store or identified developers. In that case, to install the Meadows software, please follow the steps below:


1) Open your Macintosh System Preferences. One way to open your Macintosh System Preferences is to click on the Apple that is displayed in the left corner of the Mac Desktop menu bar and select "System Preferences".


2) On the "System Preferences" window, click "Security & Privacy" to open the "Security & Privacy" window. 


3) On the "Security & Privacy" window, click the "General" tab to display your General Security & Privacy system preferences.  


4) Look at your current "Allow downloaded applications from:" setting. Note what setting is currently selected so you can reselect it when you have finished running the Meadows software installer. 


5) Change your "Allow downloaded applications from:" setting to "Anywhere." NOTE: You may need to Unlock your Security & Privacy settings in order to make this change. To do this, click the Lock button on the bottom left corner of the window.


6) You can now run the Meadows software installer. 


7) Once the Meadows software installer has successfully finished installing the software, return to your Macintosh System Preferences for Security & Privacy to change your "Allow downloaded applications from:" setting back to its previous setting.