Changing the case of Variable Data (Upper Case, Lower Case, Title Case, Sentence Case, All Caps, Small Caps)

You may be able to set up a DesignMerge job to apply a specific letter case to the variable text that DesignMerge merges into a document. You may do this by applying a character style or character format to the Text Link that is in the document before you merge. For example: if you would like the Variable Text (data) that a Variable Text Link will display to be Upper Case, simply apply the Upper Case character format to this Text Link in the document.


If you cannot apply a character style or format to the Text Link that will change the variable data to the case that you prefer, then consider changing the case of the data in the database file before you merge that data into a document. Microsoft Excel, for example, provides a feature to do this. For more information regarding how to change the case of text in MS Excel, see this MS Knowledgebase Article:

If you would prefer to apply a Meadows Script to allow DesignMerge the ability to change the case of data on-the-fly while merging, please contact Meadows Sales (  




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