Missing content when print DesignMerge PPML output?

Meadows Publishing Solutions recently changed the manner in which DesignMerge for InDesign collects clipping information for reusable content in PPML output to resolve a problem where an InDesign document might provide incorrect clipping information to DesignMerge. This fix is available in the latest release version of DesignMerge, v5.50b9 and v6.50b9, which is a free update for DesignMerge v5.50 and v6.50 installations. 

For your convenience, here is a link to the DesignMerge Downloads page. Please note that you may need to tell your browser to "Reload" or "Refresh" the page first in order to update the Download Links on that page. 


You will find installation instructions in PDF format alongside the installer. 

Please note that you will need DesignMerge v5.50 or DesignMerge v6.50 activation codes to activate this new installation. If you do not have DesignMerge v5.50 or v6.50 activation codes, please contact Mike Clancy (mclancy@meadowsps.com).