InDesign or QuarkXPress displays error when DesignMerge tries to merge a graphic file

If InDesign or QuarkXPress is displaying an error when DesignMerge is trying to merge a graphic file into a variable picture link, confirm the following:

  1. Are you able to use the InDesign "File>Place" or QuarkXPress "File>Import" command to place this problem graphic file in the picture box in the document?
  2. Confirm the settings that you have selected for the Variable Link. For example, confirm that the Variable Link's Link Type setting is set to "Picture" and that you have selected an appropriate "Position" setting for the graphic files that this Link will merge into this picture box. 
  3. Confirm your InDesign or QuarkXPress application's default Import Picture options are compatible with all of the graphic files that DesignMerge will be merging into your document. 

If you are continuing to have difficulty merging a graphic file into a document, please open a Meadows Support Ticket (