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Have installed Sentinel security key software on a Macintosh computer but still see warning that the security key is missing.


If you have installed your Meadows product's Sentinel security key software on a Macintosh computer but still see a warning that the security key is missing, then your system may need an updated version of the Sentinel security key software. You can download this new version from the Meadows website by using the link below:

If the above version does not resolve this, here is a link to an even newer version of the Sentinel security key software:

If clicking on a link above does not start the download, you may copy and paste this link into an internet browser. Please note that the entire link above should be copied all the way through the ".dmg" at the end.

Once this file has downloaded, quit all applications that are running, UNPLUG the Sentinel security key from your system, then expand the ZIP file that you downloaded. This will place a folder on your system where you will see two installers.

Run the installer. Restart your operating system.

Next, if this security key is for a Meadows software product that is installed in QuarkXPress, then once the installer has finished, run the USB Driver Installer v2.04 installer. Restart your operating system.

Plug the Sentinel security key back into your computer. You should see a red light on the end of the key.

Now, start the application where your Meadows software is installed and you should no longer see any warnings that the key is missing. 

NOTE: The system requirements of a particular version of Meadows software matches the system requirements of the InDesign application where that Meadows software is installed. Meadows cannot support an older version of our software being run on an operating system that outside those system requirements. If interested in upgrading your Meadows software, please contact Meadows Sales ( 

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